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PopVerse is a free Chrome Browser Extension that will make links of all Bible references on nearly any web page. The links allow the user to preview the text of the references on mouse hover and view the verse in context with a click. Quick Reference Entry is also supported.

The Value of PopVerse

Like most of you, we visit Christian websites on the Internet, some of them fairly frequently. Nearly always there is Scripture referenced in the text, often many references. However, when reading a page I almost never looked a reference up in my Bible.

As many of you certainly have found, some sites will have the the references as links which will take you to a webpage with the text or even show the text in a popup when the cursor is over the reference (like Bible Analyzer). This is a helpful feature, but there are still some shortcominigs,
  • Often the Bible version you see is not the King James Version.
  • There is a delay before the popup displays, especially if you have a slow connection.
  • The links do not work offline at all.
  • You cannot enter a verse to view.
  • When you click a link you are taken to another site and often subjected to unwanted adds, promotions, etc.
Furthermore, most sites don't have their Bible references as links. So, that presented an opportunity.

After doing some research we determined a Chrome Browser Extension was the best direction to make an "stand-alone" reference tagger/viewer. It also helps that Chrome is now the most popular browser, at around 60% market share. So learning the Chrome APIs and working in our spare time, the Lord allowed PopVerse to be developed. There is no other reference tagging tool like it, and here's why.
  • Fully Self-Contained; KJV Bible Included
    PopVerse does not rely on online sources. The entire King James Bible text is included and access to it is instantaneous. It works perfectly offline.
  • Instant Reference Context Viewing
    Clicking a linked reference will cause a small browser "Chapter Window" to open showing the entire Bible chapter with highlighted references(s).
  • Context Menu Verse List
    A Right-click will open a Verse List from References option where the text of all the Bible references on a page will be loaded in "Verse List Window."
  • Easy Reference Entry
    A simple click of the PopVerse icon will open a Quick Reference Entry where the user can enter a reference to view. Entries can also be made in the Chapter Window.
  • Optional Cross References Display
    In the Chapter Window there is a button to turn on key cross references for each verse from the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. Up to four cross references will be shown.
  • Freedom From Unwanted Promotion
    The user is in full control and is never taken off the current page to an online web page which can include ads, nag messages, and other promotions.
To Install PopVerse all you need is the desktop edition of the Chrome web browser and then go to the PopVerse Page at the Chrome Store. Once there click Install and then visit your favorite websites with Bible references and see how it works.

We have plans in a future edition to integrate PopVerse with Bible Analyzer 5.1 when it comes out for some amazing new features. Lord willing in the Spring both will be ready.

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