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Modules - Download Manager

Beginning with version 4.8 Bible Analyzer features a built-in Download Manager that will download and install all the free Bible Analyzer titles available. To use simply:
  • Ensure you have version 4.8 or greater of Bible Analyzer and an internet connection
  • Open Bible Analyzer and run the Download Manager (Modules/Module Download Manager in the Main Menu)
  • Check the titles you wish to download and click the Download Button
Once Download is clicked the Download Manager will download the files, extract them to the proper folders, and load them into Bible Analyzer where they will be immediately available for use.
For users of older versions of Bible Analyzer, see the bottom section of this page for downloadable setup files.

Download Manager
Download Manager

Premium Modules

There are over 100 low cost, premium titles formatted for Bible Analyzer available, some exclusive. They can be easily ordered from the Bible Analyzer Store. They can be immediately downloaded with the Download Manager and also the download links will be emailed to you immediately after completion of your order.

To browse the Downloads at the store, click Bible Analyzer Store Downloads.
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To view a description of a module at the store, click the title.

  • AVp/ExLBP People Bundle — $8
    A special edition of the AV with all individuals linked, including all the pronouns of God. Plus an exhaustive library of the all people of the Bible with interactive timeline charts. See this page for even more details. See this Youtube Video for a demonstration
  • ESV Bible w/Translator Notes and References — $9
    English Standard Version with over 48,000 translator's notes and cross references marked by indicator's in the text.
  • NASB w/Strong's & Concordance — $9 & $16
    Two editions of this translation are available, NASB w/Translator Notes & References and NASB w/Strong's Numbers and Concordance, This is considered the most literal translation based on the Alexandrian Greek Manuscripts
  • NET Bible & Full Notes — $15
    The New English Translation plus all 60,000+ Detailed Translator Notes for the NET Bible

  • There are at least 26 English and 19 non-English Bibles available completely free by using the Download Manager (see above). Among the titles, AV-1611, AKJV, ASV, BBE, ISV, KJ2000, LEB, NET, etc.


  • Dictionary of Bible Themes — $9.99
    One of our most popular modules. This innovative dictionary of the Bible will guide you through its central themes. You will gain a full and fresh appreciation of the richness of the Bible. It also has a dedicated tab in Bible Analyzer with an index to every Scripture reference
  • McClintock & Strong's Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature — $10
    Edited by Dr. John McClintock and Dr. James Strong, 49,000+ Articles, Nearly 3100 Images, Over 200 MB of Data, Complete in 12 volumes
  • Hastings Bible Dictionary Bundle — $5
    One of the premier Bible Dictionaries. Written by over 75 Biblical experts and pastors, each entry has an in-depth explanation, summary, cross-references, and contributor. Included in this bundle are two additional Hastings dictionaries
  • Dictionary of Religion and Ethics — $4
    Defines all terms (not strictly biblical) of importance in the field of religion and ethics, by Matthews/Smith
  • International Standard Bible Encyclopedia — $5
    All four volumes of this classic reference with over 100,000 live Bible references and cross topic references. Edited by Jame Orr
  • Popular Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature, Kitto — $2NEW!
    John Kitto's Classic reference with cross-topic links and over 350 images
  • American Tract Society Dictionary, Rand — $2NEW!
    A classic and valuable dictionary edited by W. W. Rand with over 350 maps and images, plus cross-topic links
  • Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Easton — $2NEW!
    Also know as Easton's Bible Dictionary, this resource has been a standard for decades. It also includes over 250 images and cross-topic links
  • Bible Dictionary, Fausset — $2
    This well regarded dictionary was developed by Andrew Fausset of the Jamison, Fausset, and Brown commentary
  • Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature, Wace/Piercy — $1NEW!
    Deals with nearly 1000 people and movements of the early church. A good resource to learn about the early believers.
  • Handbook Of Bible Manners And Custom, Freeman — $1NEW!
    The standard resource on the manners and customs of people found in the Bible. With Illustrations.

  • There are at least 17 free dictionaries available using the Download Manager (see above). Among them are, Nave's Topical Bible, Torrey's Topical Textbook, Thompson Chain Refrences, plus more by Smith, Buck, Hawker, Morrish, Webster, etc.





The material in several premium modules is public domain. We at Bible Analyzer make no claim to the public domain data in any module. The small price that is charged is not for the material itself but for providing that material in a format which can be utilized by a powerful study tool such as Bible Analyzer.

Free Modules

For Bible Analyzer versions 4.7 and earlier. Version 4.8 and up can download these and many other titles from with Bible Analyzer

Free Bible Study Essentials — Individual
  • Webster's 1828 English Dictionary
  • Webster's 1913 English Dictionary
  • Topical Study Bundle (3.5MB)
    Four recently updated Topical Study Titles including,
    • Naves Topical Bible
    • Torrey's Topical Textbook
    • Thompson's Chain References
    • Topical Study Dictionary
Free Collections — Individual
  • James Gray's Concise Commentary - NEW!
    James Gray was a contemporary and friend of C.I. Scofield and developed a concise commentary from a dispensational and premillenial perspective.
  • Dr. Stanley Derickson's Notes Collection
    All 15 titles of the
    Mr D's Notes Series including, Notes on Theology, Notes on Redemption, Notes on Teaching, Notes on Wisdom, Notes on Zeal, and 10 More!
  • Dr. Max Younce Collection
    All 12 titles of Dr. Younce's works including
    , I know Who Holds Tomorrow, A Biblical Examination Of Baptism, A Biblical Examination of Hell, Face To Face With Tongues, I'm So Glad You Asked! (2 Volumes), Martin Luther - Master Of Deceit, Not Chosen To Salvation, Salvation and the Public Invitation, The Truth About Evolution, Three Important Questions, Who Can Forgive Sins..?
  • Dr. Mark Cambron Collection
    Two of Dr. Cambron's Titles: Bible Doctrines / Beliefs That Matter, Mastering The Bible
  • Bonnell's Combined Word Book, Interactive! (76 Images, 100k+ word groups)
  • Handbook of Personal Evangelism, Stanford, w/Images
  • Complete Works on Prayer, E. M. Bounds, (All 8 Volumes, 118 Chapters)
  • Martyrs Bundle, includes Foxes book of Martyrs and Martyrs Mirror
  • Bridgway Bible Dictionary and Bridgway Bible Commenatry, 2010

Free Bibles — Individual
Free Pre-AV Bibles — Bundle
  • Wycliff Bible, 1385
  • Tyndale New Testament, 1534
  • Coverdale Bible, 1535
  • Bishops Bible, 1568
  • Geneva Bible, 1587
  • Authorized Version, 1769 (included in Bible Analyzer download)

Free Post-AV Bibles — Bundle
  • American Standard Version (included in Bible Analyzer download)
  • Webster's Revised Version, 1833
  • Revised Version, 1885
  • John Darby Version, 1890
  • Youngs Literal Translation, 1898
  • Douay-Rheims (Roman Catholic), 1899
  • American King James Version, 1999

Free Non-English Bibles — Bundles
(Only Windows versions are currently available for most languages)

Free Dictionaries Bundle
  • Scofield Bible Index (included in Bible Analyzer download)
  • Wilson's Dictionary of Bible Types (1050 entries, 1.1 meg.)
  • Hitchcock Bible Names (2600 entries, -1 meg.) 
  • Poor Man's Dictionary, Hawker (1500 entries, 1.7 meg.)
  • Nave's Topical Bible (5300 entries, 2.4 meg)
  • Smith's Bible Dictionary (4600 entries, 3 meg.)
  • Thompson's Chain References (1700 entries, 1 meg)
  • Torrey's New Topical Textbook (600 entries, 1.5 meg.)
  • Ussher's Annals of the World (800 entries, 4 meg.)
  • A Table Alphabeticall (2400 entries, -1 meg.)
  • Webster's 1806 English Dictionary (38,000 entries, 2.5 meg.)

Free Commentaries Bundle
  • Scofield Bible Notes (included in Bible Analyzer download)
  • John Darby's Bible Synopsis (1189 comments)
  • Geneva Bible Notes, 1599 (14800 comments)
  • Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary (4500 comments)
  • Lightfoot Commentary on the Gospels (850 comments)
  • William Newell, Romans Verse by Verse (340 comments)
  • The People's New Testament (3500 comments)
  • John Wesley's Bible Notes (17800 comments)
  • Lexham English Bible Notes (3450 comments)
  • Summarized Bible (1189 Chapter Summeries)

Free Books Bundle
  • The Attributes of God  Arthur W. Pink (79 pages)
  • A Chronology of the English Bible (24 pages)
  • Bible Difficulties R.A. Torrey (76 pages)
  • More Than Forgiven! Morton (22 pages) — Exclusive!
  • Clarke's Precious Bible Promises, Samuel Clarke (120 pages)
  • KJ4 Assembled Bible, Carpenter — Exclusive!
  • Contradictions and Puzzles, Carpenter — Exclusive!
  • Various Lists and Tables (30 pages)
  • Foxe's Book of Martyrs John Foxe (418 pages)
  • New "Bibles" and the New Age Movement (14 pages)
  • From the Original Texts to the English Bible (11 pages) — Exclusive!
  • Authorized Version Preface (30 pages)
  • Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, C.I. Scofield (44 pages)
  • The Weakness of "Strong"  (34 pages) — Exclusive!
  • The Trail Of Blood J. M. Carroll (50 pages)
  • Which Translation Should You Trust? Morton (72 pages) — Exclusive!
  • The Authorized Version, Numerical (1400 pages) — Exclusive!
  • The Authorized Version Apocrypha (300 pages)
  • Soul Winning and Visitation Notes Hypes (10 pages) — Exclusive!

Free Images — Bundle
  • Pace Christian Cartoons (45 instructive images)
  • Ramsay Christian Cartoons (54 double images)
  • Various Charts and Tables (6 Charts and Images)
  • Bible Lineages and Timelines (14 Charts of Noteable Lineages and Timelines)

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