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We are in the process of updating this page to show Version 5 features. Check back soon.

Key Features at a Glance

MultiWindow in Statistic Display

The MultiWindow is a versitle display used for various purposes in Bible Analyzer. It can display,
  • Exports from Other Windows
  • Dictionary/Commentary Data
  • Verses in Chapter Context
  • Extracted References
  • Statistics of a Reference
  • Various Word Lists
Bible Analyzer was designed to be very simple to use. It is not cluttered with countless menus and such. All options are in easy reach. Below we detail some more features of Bible Analyzer.
  • Text to Speech allows your computer to read to you! It can read a whole page, a selection, or entered text.
  • Our unique Master Control Panel which contains many advanced functions in one conveinient control.
  • An integrated Audio Player can play hymns or sermons while you study.
  • A unique Harmony/Parallel Viewer and Text Generator.
  • View a Bible chapter of all Bibles in a Parallel Table.
  • Convienient Dual Bible View to view two texts simutaneously.
  • An Independent Image Viewer with hundreds of charts, maps, and other images.
  • A searchable Book Viewer with 1000s of pages of valuable books.
  • A versatile MultWindow which can receive text exported from other pages and display many other pages.
  • ScripturePad, a built-in word processor which can receive exported verses and display reference popups.
  • Related Verse/Phrase Search will find similiar verses.
  • Advanced Bible Searching even with excludes and regular expressions.
  • Detailed Bible Statistics for Book Chapter or Verse.
  • Find all the textual differences between tow versions with Bible Compare.
  • Instantly generate Word Lists of any Bible passage.

Some of Our Premium Module Bundles:

Companion Bible
Clarence Larkin (6)
Pulpit Commentary (1)
NET Bible w/Notes (2)
Top Study Tools (9)
Top Dictionaries (6)
Top Commentaries (10)
Valuable Books (10)
Timeless Images (6)

Some of Our
Free Module Bundles:

Treasury ... Knowledge
Webster's 1828 Dict.
Bible Translations (21)
Bible Dictionaries (10)
Bible Commentaries (7)
Valuable Books (19)
Classic Images (4)

See Modules Page
for more info.

Bible Analyzer
Online User Manual

Harmony/Parallel Text Generator

The Harmony Display / Parallel Generator features a new approach of viewing and studying the Scriptures. In addition to displaying easily created harmony / parallel modules (.pll), it can instantly generate parallel columns of text according to user input. For instance the Generator can:
  • Display easily created Harmony/Parallel (.pll) module topics when a module and topic is selected.
  • Display a different Bible text using the Bible Texts List.
  • Display consecutive and non-consecutive ranges of text in a single column.
  • Adding the pipe symbol ( | ) between the references will cause them to be displayed in a separate column.
  • If a title is entered in the Title Entry Box the page will be saved in History and can be redisplayed by using the navigation buttons or "Hist" Drop-Down List.
  • If there are pages in the History when Bible Analyzer closes, the option will be given to save the pages as a new .pll Module or append an existing one. This way the user can easily create their own Harmony / Parallel modules!
The Harmony Display/Parallel Generator is a combination Text Viewer, Harmony Viewer, Topical Viewer, Table Generator, Module Creator, and more. We hope you find it of value in your studies.

Below is an example of how you can customize the Titlebar and/or Toolbar of Bible Analyzer.

For more views of Bible Analyzer's features, visit our Screenshots page
or examine the online edition of Bible Analyzer's User Manual.

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