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Verse Timing Data For KJB Audio

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King James Bible
Audio Verse Timing Data


Hearing the Bible read aloud has a power all its own. In fact, throughout most of history hearing the Bible read by others was the only way many could receive the word of God. Today nearly everyone who wants one and can read has their own copy of the printed Scriptures, but this still is not a substitute for the spoken word. It has been reported that hearing the word of God spoken while reading along increases one's reading retention up to 50%.

Bible Analyzer v5.3 and later has some unique audio Bible capabilities that enhance the power of hearing the King James Bible while reading. One new and currently unique capability is Exact Verse Timing for multiple audio sets. 

Exact Verse Timing refers to being able to play the audio of any individual verse whenever needed. That is, if a user wants to heart just one of the 31,102 verses in the King James Bible he can do so. This also makes it possible for the user to play the audio of verse lists in any order or sequence with any supported audio set! 

Here is a list of key features of Bible Analyzer Exact Verse Timing, 

  • There are eight KJB Audio recordings indexed for verses. Four sets are completely free to download and the other four must be purchased from their publishers.
  • The timing data allows precise verse playing and highlighting while reading.
  • Individual verses or verse spans can be played on any reference in any panel by right-click.
  • Verse lists and search results can be exported to MultiWindow and played along with verse highlighting.
  • Playing can be stopped and started with any verse in MW.
  • In MW verses can be played in full exported page or exported verse list. Highlighting and scrolling follows playing verse.
  • When a recording for a verse or chapter does not exist the system's Text-To-Speech function is used.
  • Multiple recordings can be indexed and easily switched or deleted.

The Bible Analyzer Timing Data Add-on does not include any audio files. It contains the timing data used to precisely determine the audio position of each verse in separately acquired audio files. To use the timing data, the user must also download at least one of the free or purchased sets below.

Audio Sets Available at the Bible Analyzer Store

Paul Mims Complete KJV Audio Set
Paul Mims is a former pastor and missionary with a rich and clear baritone voice that brings the Bible to life. He has an even and steady reading pace that is not too fast. You will be blessed listening to him. This is one of the very best Bible recordings available.

Christopher Glyn Complete KJV Audio Set
Christopher Glyn trained as stage actor in the United Kingdom. After receiving Jesus, he forsook a career as a Shakespearean actor to devote his life to missionary work. Glyn's voice is rich and expressive and a blessing to hear. This is also one of the very best Bible recordings available.

Audio Sets For Purchase Elsewhere

Alexander Scourby Standard KJV Audio
This is the most commonly distributed recording of Scourby and the one most often heard. It is an CD-Rom MP3 edition of the original audio tapes recorded in the early 1950s. This recording can be purchased from Amazon Here and Here.

David Cochran Heath KJV Audio Set
Heath has a "resonant and warm" voice "with a knack for communicating meaning and heart." This recording can be purchased for around $18 from Here.

Max McLean KJV Audio Set
McLean, a theatrical actor and speaker, has a clear and powerful voice. His reading of the KJB has personality and "presence." This recording costs more than most others, around $50 for the MP3 download. It can be obtained Here.

Paul Mims KJV Audio Set

Dr. Mims reads at a slower rate that is more easily retained by most people. Even the most difficult passages are clearly understood as each word is articulately pronounced. A very well done and consistent recording. You can get it for around $20, Here.

Free Audio Sets
Daniel Wagner Audio Set
Produced by Audio Scriptures International (TalkingBibles.org). Wagner is a retired minister from California. He has an older, calm voice that is easy to follow.

The set can be downloaded from this page in six files. They are the files named TBI_1-6 at the bottom left of the page. Download all six files and extract them all under one folder.

Stephen Johnston Audio Set
Johnston has a smooth, even voice, but his reading seems to be hurried. Almost too fast in some instances.

The set can be downloaded from this page in six files. They are the files named FFC_1-6 at the bottom right of the page. Download all six files and extract them all under one folder.

FaithComesByHearing Group Audio Sets
We have two audio sets from the FaithComesByHearing.com group indexed. One a normal reading and the other a "dramatic" recording with "actors" speaking parts. The dramatic reading is good when listening to whole chapters. The normal reading uses various speakers for different books.

To download either go to This Page and Download,
King James Audio Non-Drama Old Testament
King James Audio Non-Drama New Testament
King James Audio Drama Old Testament
King James Audio Drama New Testament

Extract each set to its own folder. If you download both sets they must be in separate folders.

See this page for an audio sample of each speaker.

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