• Christopher Glyn KJV Audio Bible

Christopher Glyn KJV Audio Bible

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Christopher Glyn KJV Audio Bible
The Complete King James Bible

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The Benefits of Hearing The Word of God

The words of Bible were meant to be heard. Thirty-seven times in the Scriptures we find the words, "Hear the word of the Lord." The words were, of course, meant to be "read" as well, but many times when the Scriptures refer to them as being "read" they were read out loud for others to hear. In this modern age (except in the most persecuted areas) anyone can get his own printed Bible if wanted, yet throughout most of human history the only way the common person had access to the word of God was to hear it read since printed copies were unavailable or the individual was illiterate. One of the duties of the priests of Israel was to "read this law before all Israel in their hearing" so "they may hear, and that they may learn" ().

The translators of the King James Bible understood the power of the spoken word as well. They put on their title page, "Appointed to be read in churches" and routinely read their translation to each other trying to make it as "listenable" as possible. Thus the KJV was intended more for public reading than private devotion. It has a majestic cadence and rhythm to its spoken words that is unmatched.

About Christopher Glyn

Christopher Glyn trained as stage actor in the United Kingdom. After receiving Jesus, he forsook a career as a Shakespearean actor to devote his life to missionary work. Glyn's voice is rich and expressive and a blessing to hear. This is also one of the very best Bible recordings available.

Using the Audio Set with Bible Analyzer

To play these files in Bible Analyzer with synchronized verse highlighting you must also have the Verse Timing Data For KJB Audio add-on installed.

Note: These files CANNOT be installed with the Bible Analyzer Download Manager. They must be downloaded from your Account/Downloads pageOnce you order is complete you will be sent an email with a link to your Downloads Page. The complete set of mp3 audio files is contained in a single zip file. Simply unzip the file and play the mp3 files. 

Notice: The zip file is around 2.5 gigabytes in size and may take a while to download depending on your internet connection speed.

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