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Bible Analyzer Donation

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Bible Analyzer Donation Page

This is a Donation page. There is no product ordered. It can be used to donate to Bible Analyzer Software to assist in the further development of the software and related content or to pay on a "Pay if you Can/Want" title.

The donation increments are for $4. If you want to donate $4 simply add one item to your cart. If you want to donate $8 add two items, and so on. 

Our Purpose

Our goal with Bible Analyzer and its related titles is to try and spread the truth of the Scriptures as far and wide as possible. We don't want a lack of finances to hinder anyone from using it or them. So with some titles we are offering a "Pay if you Can/Want" option. If you can't afford an included title or just want the title for zero cost, go right ahead. If you can pay at least $4 and want to, then pay what you want. You can even download a title and then come back and donate later if you want. Its all up to you and the Lord.

Not all titles are "Pay if you Can/Want" titles. Some are licensed to us and we must charge a certain amount. If this donation method goes well, we will add more titles to the "Pay if you Can/Want" category.

The Necessary Expenses

It takes a lot of work to develop a cross-platform software like Bible Analyzer, plus its related titles, its websites, and more. Also, there is expense in hosting and serving the websites, programs, module files, etc. With Bible Analyzer's Download Manager it is possible for a user to download any files, both free and paid, at any time and as often as they need. This all takes time, resources, and finances. The Lord knows all of this and He has blessed us and has allowed us to continue these nearly 20 years. 

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