Word Study Bundle

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Greek Word Study Bundle

Thayer's Greek/English Lexicon - Unabridged
Two Bibles, Seven Lexicons & Dictionaries

Updated — New Strong's and Word Study!



Here is a very low cost set of quality word study material.

  • Bibles
  • Authorized King James Version, w/Strong's w/TVM
    The Pure Word of God with Strong's Numbers + Tense, Voice, & Mood.
  • Textus Receptus Interlinear, w/Strong's & Morphology
    The Greek With English Translations plus Strong's Numbers. The interlinear text and Strong's Numbers can be toggle visible/invisible.

  • Lexicons/Dictionaries
  • Strong's Dictionary of Hebrew and Greek Words - UPDATED!
    The Standard for Hebrew/Greek Definitions + TVM. This resource also includes AV Usage for the original word for every English word!
  • Thayer's Greek/English Lexicon of the NT, Unabridged
    The complete and unabridged lexicon keyed to Strongs Numbers
  • Combined Word Definitions
    Brown-Driver-Briggs/Thayer Definitions Combined into One Comprehensive Reference. (This is an abridged edition of the two resources for quick reference.)
  • A Greek Lexicon Of The New Testament, Abbott-Smith
    A more recent Lexicon than Strong's keyed to Strong's Numbers
  • A Greek-English Lexicon, Liddell, Scott, & Jones
    This is an abridged edition of the massive Greek/English lexicon listing only Bible words. Keyed to Strong's.
  • The Vocabulary of the Greek Testament, Moulton and Milligan
    A Lexicon of how NT vocabulary was used “on the street” in the earliest Christian centuries.
  • The Greek Word Study Dictionary w/Morphology - NEW!
    This custom resource contains every word of the Greek New Testament, plus the Morphology Codes for each word! With this dictionary as default the user can on mouseover (with Ctrl key down) view the study data for every Greek word!

Thayer's Greek/English Lexicon of the
New Testament - Unabridged

Bible Analyzer is the only free or low cost Bible software to offer this timeless title. This complete lexicon is not to be confused with Thayer's Greek Definitions (also in the bundle) which is a heavy and subjective abridgment of Thayer's full Lexicon. This is the "real deal."

The Thayer's Unabridged Lexicon provides fuller and more comprehensive entries for each Greek word than Strong's or Thayer Definitions.

Below is a reduced image that shows the Strong's complete entry for G1343 (righteousness) in the light red popup; the Thayer Greek Definitions entry in the middle window; and the Thayer Unabridged entry in the right window. Obviously, the Unabridged entry is much larger.



AV/Strong's Indexer

The Strong's Dictionaries with AV usage database allow the AV/Strong's Indexer to function within Bible Analyzer. With the Indexer one can enter an English word and view every original language word and its definition the word is translated from plus access every occurance of the word in the AV!

The (reduced) image below shows the word glory entered. The Indexer found 23 different Hebrew and Greek words, with their definitions and usage, that are translated as glory. Also, a preview will display when the cursor is placed over a Bible reference or Strong's Number as seen below!



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