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The Bible Treasury

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The Bible Treasury, 33 Vol.
William Kelly, Editor


William Kelly (1821-1906) was a prominate member of the Plymouth Brethren. He was one of their most prolific writers, including being the editor of a monthly magazine called The Bible Treasury.

The Bible Treasury was a monthly magazine of papers on scriptural subjects. Various authors submitted articles to the magazine. With over 1000 articles published within its nearly 70 years run, The Bible Treasury has a great cross-section of articles on Bible doctrine and general Bible topics of the times. Here is a few titles from the first volume.

  • What Is The Church?
  • Criticism On The Text Of The New Testament
  • The Dawning Light Of Prophecy
  • The Kingdom Of Heaven
  • The Languages Of The Bible
  • History Of The Text Of The Bible
  • The One Predicted Re-Awakening
  • Thoughts On The Parables In
  • Second Coming Of The Lord
  • A Few Remarks On Prayer And Praise
  • Melchizedek
  • Over 1000 more....

The Plymouth Brethren were founded in the 1820s because of concern of the failures of the existing churches of the time. The Brethres "assemblies" are independent and thus may have slight variations in doctrine, but doctines thay hold in common are the recognition of all believers as part of the body of Christ and the priesthood of all believers. Furthermore, most Brethren churches are also pre-tribulational and dispensational.

Notable Brethren besides Kelly include John Nelson Darby, George Müller, G. H. Pember, Hudson Taylor, F. F. Bruce, Jim Elliot, H. A. Ironside, George Muller, W. E. Vine, Watchman Nee, and William MacDonald

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