• Compiled Commentaries and Notes, Kelly

Compiled Commentaries and Notes, Kelly

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Compiled Commentaries and Notes
William Kelly

William Kelly (1821-1906) was a prominent Northern Irish member of the Plymouth Brethren, among whom he was a prolific writer.

The Plymouth Brethren were founded in the 1820s because of concern of the failures of the existing churches of the time. The Brethren "assemblies" are independent and thus may have slight variations in doctrine, but doctrines they hold in common are the recognition of all believers as part of the body of Christ and the priesthood of all believers. Furthermore, most Brethren churches are also pre-tribulational and dispensational.

Kelly's chief interest was in ministering spiritually to those whom he described as the "few despised ones of Christ's flock." He provided this service until two months before his death. He identified himself whole-heartedly with the body of doctrine developed by John Nelson Darby, whose right-hand man he was for many years, until he severed his connection and formed a faction which bore his name.

Kelly wrote many articles and notes during his lifetime concerning Bible topics and passages and they have all been compiled together into a Bible Analyzer Commentary title.

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