• Companion Bible Notes, Appendices

Companion Bible Notes, Appendices

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E. W. Bullinger's
Companion Bible
Notes, Appendices, & More

Now Fully Digital

Edited By E. W. Bullinger
First Published in 1909

Contains over 68,000 notes on nearly 24,000 verses,

with over 69,000 cross references and 198 detailed Appendices w/Images!

Considered by Many the "Best Study Bible Ever Printed"

Along with the Scofield Reference Bible the Companion Bible has been on of the most enduring Study Bibles ever printed—nearly 100 years in print. A huge accomplishment. Very few books stay in print that long. As another said,

"Bullinger continues to be recognized as one of the greatest Bible scholars of the early twentieth century. Unsurpassed even today, his easy to read books and essays are critically acclaimed. Bullinger's comprehensive and detailed study of figures of speech in the Bible has never been superseded. His Bible commentaries, Greek lexicon, textual notes, and numerous expositional studies continue to inform students of the Scriptures."

We at BibleAnalyzer.com spent a great deal of time and effort making a digital edition of the Companion Bible available for the modern digital world. Now all the Verse Side Notes, Appendices, and Images are available for our Bible Analyzer Bible Study Software. All the Companion Bible Notes data is keyed to its verse and instanly searchable and also has links to the valuable Appendices. Now the Companion Bible Data can be accessed and searched in a flash.

Above is an image of a page from the printed edition. Also above is a screenshot of in the Bible Analyzer Companion Bible Module. All the notes data in the printed edition are available in the digital with much more cababilities and quicker access.

The Notes and Appendices have been recently updated to include even more cross-references and appendix links!

  • Companion Bible Notes
    A Commentary Module from the side notes found in the famous Companion Bible edited by E. W. Bullinger. There are over 68,000 notes on nearly 24,000 verses, with over 69,000 cross references!

  • Companion Bible Appendices, w/Images
    We reformatted the 198 Appendices Dictionary Module to include 50+ images, charts, tables, and illustrations from the printed edition plus added TWO new indices

  • Companion Bible Revision
    A Bible module made from the side note suggestions in the Companion Bible inserted in the Authorized Version text.

    Also Included!
  • Figures of Speech Used in the Bible, E. W. Bullinger
    The definitive book on the figures of speech found in the Scriptures. With all text and footnotes. Includes
    Book and Dictionary modules. All 1100 pages from the book!

  • As a BONUS get Bullingers Number In Scripture Book Module also
    FIVE Modules in all.

All Five Modules Only $10 with Immediate Download (14MB)

This is a digital module for the FREE
Bible Analyzer Bible Software
not printed books