• Through The Bible / Our Daily Homily, Meyer

Through The Bible / Our Daily Homily, Meyer

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Through the Bible
Day by Day
A Devotional Commentary
Complete Seven Volumes


Our Daily Homily
Complete Five Volumes


The Way Into the Holiest

Rev. F.B. Meyer, B.A.

Frederick Brotherton Meyer was a contemporary and friend of D. L. Moody and A. C. Dixon. He was a Baptist pastor and evangelist in England and involved in ministry and inner city mission work on both sides of the Atlantic.

Meyer was a prolific author and many of his works were devotional in nature. Through The Bible Day By Day is a seven volume devotional commentary that covers nearly the entire Bible a section at a time. The over 2000 concise comments are primarily meant for daily readings for busy people. 

Our Daily Homily is also devotional. With it Meyer take a representitive verse from every chapter of the Bible and comments on it. It was one of Meyer's last works and also one of his favorites. He writes in the preface to the 5th Volume,

Amid the pressure of a busy life, and the inevitable demands of a considerable church-organization, it has been an untold refreshment to turn to the devout study of successive chapters of the Bible, with the view of obtaining a message for oneself, and to pass on to others....

None of my books is dearer to me than this, or seems to contain more of my innermost thought; but at best it is only a handful of meal in the barrel, which may God multiply till He send rain on the earth.

The Way Into the Holiest is his commentary on Hebrews. Meyer's detailed exposition of the book of Hebrews brings to readers the rich lessons contained within the epistle. Meyer intended The Way Into the Holiest to draw attention to the substitutionary aspect of Christ's death.

Through The Bible... and Our Daily Homily are in Bible Analyzer Commentary format. Because of it layout The Way Into the Holiest is in Book format. As a bonus a second module of Our Daily Homily is included in Book format as well.

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