The Preacher's Homiletic Commentary

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The Preacher's
Homiletic Commentary

Complete In 37 Volumes

Joseph S. Exell, MA
General Editor

The Classic "Preacher's Commentary"
Written By "Preachers; for Preachers"
and all other Ministers and Students if God's Word

An Often Consulted Preacher's Resource

The Preacher's Homiletic Commentary has been one of the most often consulted and reliable sermon resources available to preachers for over 100 years. Its 37 massive volumes (over 18,000 pages in print) were compiled from the dedicated works of over two dozen well known preachers for the purpose of making a practical and conveinient commentary to aid ministers in their sermon preparation. As another publisher stated,

For every chapter of the Bible, the commentary contains a section on preaching themes, which are organized topically, conceptually, and chronologically. Significant theological themes are also outlined for each section of the Bible, and homiletic notes are provided. The authors have also solicited and summarized commentary from a wide range of contributors to Biblical, historical, and theological scholarship, drawing from the collective wisdom of those who understand that good preaching has its origin in Biblical study.

Typically, each entry has a Critical Notes section wich deats with the chapter critically and concisely. Then the chapter is divided into MAIN HOMILETICS OF THE PARAGRAPH section where the author deals with the homiletical elements of the passage and the often there is a SUGGESTIVE COMMENTS ON THE VERSES section which expounds upon the verses themselves.

Each author will have a slightly different style and layout, but the volumes are very consistant as a whole.

Here is a very brief excerpt from Genesis 1 that is as timely today as it was when written,

The Creator and His Work

I. Then Atheism is a folly. “In the beginning God.” There have always been men who have denied the existence of God. All down through the ages their voices have been heard—their books have been read, and their arguments have been promulgated. Atheism is the supreme folly of which man is capable. It divests life of all spiritual enjoyment—of real nobility of character, and degrades almost to the level of the brute. The atheist must be blind to all the appearances of Creation, for one sincere outlook upon them would demonstrate the mockery of his creed. The fool hath said in his heart that there is no God. He dare not loudly articulate a conclusion, which his inner consciousness tells him to be so utterly devoid of truth, so criminal, and so likely to attract the retribution of heaven. Atheism is proved absurd:—

Our Bible Analyzer edition of The Preacher's Homiletic Commentary consists of a single commentary module with live verse references and reference indexing in Bible Analyzer Reference Index Panel. The module is huge at over 75MB uncompressed.

Preacher's Homiletic Commentary
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