• The People's Bible, Parker

The People's Bible, Parker

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The People's Bible, 27 Vol.
Joseph Parker

Joseph Parker was a contemporary of Charles Spurgeon and early in their ministries they fellowshipped and even exchanged pulpits. Warren Wiersbe said of him,

"If I were in London on the Lord's Day and had already heard Spurgeon preach, I would hasten to the City Temple and there sit at the feet of Joseph Parker, whose congregations were second in size only to those of Spurgeon."

From the Preface,

"This is not a Bible Commentary in the usual sense of that term. It is a pastor's commentary upon such portions of Holy Scripture as are of obvious and immediate importance to the growth of the soul in Divine wisdom, and is, therefore, not intended to take the place of the verbal and critical commentaries which so ably represent the latest phases of Christian erudition. Instead of going minutely through any book verse by verse, the first object will be to discover its governing idea or principal purpose, and to make that clear by taking out of the book, say twelve, twenty, or thirty instances most strikingly illustrative of the writer's intention..."

These 27 Volumes form a Bible Analyzer Commentary with over 25MB of text. They are very helpful messages on nearly every passage of the Scriptures.

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