• The Numerical Bible

The Numerical Bible

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Numerical Bible

Notes and Commentary

Complete in Seven Volumes

Edited By Fredrick W. Grant


First Published in 1902

"The first in depth study of the Structure and Symbolism of
Numbers in the Scriptures

Fredrick W. Grant was a pioneer in studying the structure and numerical symbolism in the Bible. As another said,

"In The Numerical Bible, Grant shows that the Bible is organized in much the same way as nature. The precision of numbers and the laws of mathematics, which undergirds the order of the universe, also undergirds the order of Scripture. Like the rest of the nature, Scripture exhibits traits of order, structure, and symbol. In fact, the numbers and the very structure of the Bible contain elements of divine revelation."

Since Grant was heavily influenced by the Plymouth Brethren, his approach to the Scriptures was Fundamental and Dispensational. "Later authors such as Tim LaHaye and Hal Lindsey and famous preachers such as Harry A. Ironside are indebted to Grant’s interpretation of Scripture and his careful analysis of biblical structure and symbolism."

The Bible Analyzer Numerical Bible Collection not only includes all the notes and commentary from the printed edition of the seven volume Numerical Bible, it also includes five of Grant's most notable books. Included is,

  • Numerical Bible Notes
    A Commentary Module
  • Atonement: In Type, Prophecy, and Accomplishment
    A Book Module
  • Facts and Theories as to a Future State
    A Book Module
  • Spiritual Law in the Natural World
    A Book Module
  • The Deity of Christ
    A Book Module
  • The Numerical Structure of Scripture
    A Book Module