• The Bible of the Expositor and the Evangelist, Riley

The Bible of the Expositor and the Evangelist, Riley

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William Bell Riley (1861-1947) was called the "The Grand Old Man of Fundamentalism." Riley is credited with coining the term “fundamentalist,” and believed in the literal interpretation of the Bible wherever possible. He believed in a literal 6 day creation, that heaven and hell literally exist, that the miracles in the Old and New Testaments literally happened, and that Revelation and applicable portions of OT prophecy will literally happen.

Riley's rigid, conservative approach to Scripture earned him accolades from allies and criticism from opponents. His critics complained that his rigid beliefs contributed to the religious polarization of American society. His allies appreciated his opposition to modernism. Riley vehemently opposed evolution, which he called the “propaganda of infidelity, palmed off in the name of science.”

In 1923 Riley began preaching through the entire Bible. It took him over 10 years. The 39 volume series was published as "The Bible of the Expositor and the Evangelist."
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