• Popular Commentary on the New Testament, Schaff

Popular Commentary on the New Testament, Schaff

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Four Volumes

Phillip Schaff, editor

From The Preface:

This Commentary aims to present, in an evangelical catholic spirit and in popular form, the best results of the latest Biblical scholarship for the instruction of the English reader of the Word of God. It embraces the authorized version, marginal emendations, brief introductions, and explanatory notes on all difficult passages....

The work has, I may say, an international and interdenominational character. It is the joint product of experienced and well known British and American scholars who have made the Bible their life-study.

This new Commentary will in no wise interfere with the English edition of Dr. Lange’s Bible-work.’ It differs from it in plan and aim as well as in size. It is purely explanatory, and intended for laymen; while Dr. Lange’s is a threefold Commentary (exegetical, doctrinal, and homiletical), and intended for ministers and theological students.

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