• A Commentary on the Bible, Peake

A Commentary on the Bible, Peake

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A Commentary on the Bible, Peake

Arthur Samuel Peake (1865-1929) was an English biblical scholar, born at Leek, Staffordshire, and educated at St John's College, Oxford. He was the first holder of the Rylands Chair of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis in the University of Manchester, from its establishment as an independent institution in 1904. He was thus the first non-Anglican to become a professor of divinity in an English university.

In 1892, he become a tutor at the Primitive Methodist Theological Institute in Manchester, which was renamed Hartley College in 1906. He was largely responsible for broadening the curriculum which intending Primitive Methodist ministers were required to follow, and for raising the standards of the training.

Peake's most notable work was his one volume commentary. It was a popular resource throughout the 20th century even though it was published in 1919. We now have it available for Bible Analyzer as a Commentary module including several explanatory essays on various Bible subjects.

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