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John Burgon Collection

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John Burgon Collection
Four Timeless Titles


John Burgon, also called Dean Burgon, was a staunch defender of the traditional "Received Text" (the Greek text behind the Geneva Bible, KJV, etc.) when the first English representation of the Alexandrian Text came out with the Revised Version of 1881. The Revised Version was the first of the "new Bibles" such as the ASV, RSV, NRSV, NASV, NIV, ESV, etc., based upon this completely different family of Greek texts.

Burgon wrote four timeless and scholarly works defending the Traditional or Received Text and showiing how the Alexandrian Texts were inferior:

Revision Revised
Causes of the Corruption of the Traditional Text
Inspiration and Interpretation
The Last Twelve Verses of Mark

All four are included in this download for Bible Analyzer as Book Modules.

If you have any interest in the debate between the families of Greek texts and the defense of the Traditional Texts used by the saints for centuries, these works are invaluable.

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