• International Critical Commentary, NT

International Critical Commentary, NT

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International Critical Commentary
New Testament
16 Volumes

Enhanced with Strong's Number Links


For those who are interested in what some of the critical commentaters have to say we offer the multi volume International Critical Commentary of the New Testament. Wikipedia has this to say about it,

Initially started over one hundred years ago, the International Critical Commentary series has been a highly regarded academic level commentary on the Bible. It aims to marshall all available aids to exegesis; linguistic, textual, archaeological, historical, literary and theological. No unifying scheme is sought but each scholar has been free to express their expertise.

Originally edited by Samuel Rolles Driver, Alfred A. Plummer, and Charles Augustus Briggs the series has been in the hands of various editors since.

This commentary series is along the same vein as the Expositor's Greek New Testament and the Cambridge Bible Commentary which we also offer.

This module bundle includes all the ICC volumes of the NT except the volumes of Acts and Revelation. When they become available they will be added to the bundle. 16 of the 18 total volumes are included.

Enhanced Strong's Features

This new Bible Analyzer edition of International Critical Commentary includes the tagging of all Old & New Testament Hebrew/Greek words for Strong's Numbers! That is, every original language word that is found in the Bible is tagged in the ICC-NT according to its Strong's Number (there are over 220,000!). This allows you to see at a glace the meaning and usage of every Greek word found in the text.

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