• The Henry Morris Study Bible

The Henry Morris Study Bible

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The Henry Morris Study Bible
Henry Morris, Ph.D

The Henry Morris Study Bible is "an invaluable tool for the defense of the Christian faith" according to Dr. John MacArthur. With over 10,000 study notes, 16,000 cross-references, plus 21 appendices, no other resource offers the comprehensive analysis of biblical creation and authority of Scripture.

The written Word of God is under attack in our culture like never before. The annotations of this King James Version based of the Study Bible will:

  • Explain the Bible's difficult passages
  • Resolve its alleged contradictions
  • Point out the evidences of its divine origin
  • Confirm its historical accuracy
  • Note its remarkable anticipations of modern science
  • Remove any doubts about its inerrancy, authority and ability to meet every human need.

The HMSB is a treasure house for the biblical creationist and apologist. With around 500 comprehensive notes on the book of Genesis alone, Dr. Morris's scientific insight is just a click away with our Bible Analyzer module. Here is a sample image of what Dr. Morris says about the creation of light in ,

Besides the nearly 10,000 study notes found throughout this title, there are 22 valuable appendices and 8 full color maps included as a Bible Analyzer Book module. The appendices themselves are worth the price. The titles include,

  • Authenticity Of Biblical Text
  • Creation Versus Evolution As Worldviews
  • The Logic Of Biblical Creation
  • Outline Of Earth History As Recorded In The Book Of Genesis
  • Global Processes Indicating Recent Creation
  • The Universality Of The Deluge
  • Bible-Believing Scientists Of The Past
  • Science And The Scriptures
  • Miracles Of The Bible
  • Chronology Of The Patriarchs In Genesis
  • Quotations From Or Allusions To Genesis In The New Testament
  • “First Mentions” Of Important Biblical Words In Genesis
  • Fulfillment Of Biblical Prophecies
  • “I Am”—The Eternal Self-Existent God
  • The Deity Of Christ
  • The Resurrection Of Christ
  • Prophecies Fulfilled At The First Coming Of Christ
  • Creation And Consummation—The Book Of Revelation
  • Internal Designs In The Bible
  • The Creationist Faith Of Our Founding Fathers
  • A Creationist's Defense Of The King James Bible
  • Addressing Alternate Explanations for Age of the Earth

There is arguably no better or more thorough study Bible resource available that deals with the scientific aspects of the Scriptures, however, Dr. Morris does not deal with only the scientific aspects of the Scriptures, he also deals very much with doctrine. His conservative, pre-millennial approach to the text is manifest throughout his comments.
(An earlier edition of this title was called The Defender's Study Bible. The HMSB is the most recent edition)

Dr. Henry Morris is known as the father of modern Creation science, the founder of Institute for Creation Research (ICR) and the author of many well-known apologetic books. His thriving legacy continues to equip Christians to be able to defend the accuracy and authority of Scripture today.

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