• Harry Ironside Collection

Harry Ironside Collection

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Harry Ironside Collection

Henry Allen "Harry" Ironside was born dead, or so his doctor thought. His mother had a very hard delivery and the doctor did not think little Harry survived and set him aside. Nearly an hour later a nurse checked him again and found a pulse, and they began to resuscitate him. Although the doctor set little Harry aside, the Lord didn't, and over the next 74 years he used him greatly.

Ironside was a very good communicator and could explain complicated subjects so even children can grasp them. For instance, his book on repentance is a classic. He deals with the controversial topic using examples and illustrations to explain what the Scriptures say on the subject.

Ironside was a Fundamentalist and Dispensationalist and a prolific writer. He wrote many expositions on book of the Bible as well as several other books. The Bible expositions have been compiled from 24 separate volumes into a single Bible Analyzer Commentary module while 8 of his best books are in a Bible Analyzer Book Group. Here are the book titles,

  • Charge That To My Account
  • Eternal Security
  • Except Ye Repent
  • Full Assurance
  • Great Words Of The Gospel
  • Not Wrath, But Rapture
  • The 400 Silent Years
  • Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth
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