• Godbey Commentary on the New Testament

Godbey Commentary on the New Testament

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William Godbey
Commentary on the New Testament
7 volumes

William B. Godbey was one of the most significant evangelists in the early stages of the Wesleyan-holiness movement. He preached "entire sanctification" was possible and dictated over 230 books and pamphlets.

Godbey was premillennial at a time when it was quite unpopular. He interpreted Revelation as literally as possible, teaching the rapture, the literal reign of Christ for 1,000 years, etc. He also believed the Roman Catholic Church matched the symbols in Revelation for the rise of the False Prophet.

Godbey spent 5 years, working day and night, to produce a 5,500 page, 7 volume, exegetical commentary on the New Testament, and it is now available as a Bible Analyzer commentary.

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