• Gnomon of the New Testament, Bengel

Gnomon of the New Testament, Bengel

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Gnomon of the New Testament
(Exegetical Annotations on the New Testament)

Johann Albrecht Bengel

A Gnomon can be defined as "the raised part of the sundial that casts the shadow" thus it guides the viewer as to the time. Johann Bengel named his NT Annotation a Gnomon because it was interned to guide the reader in ascertaining the meaning of the NT himself.

Though first published in 1742, Bengel's commentary is still noted for its concise yet "meaty" language. The principles of interpretation on which he proceeded were, "to import nothing into Scripture, but to draw out of it everything that it really contained."

C H Spurgeon wrote that Bengel's NT commentary,
"...is the Scholar's delight! Bengel condensed more matter into a line than can be extracted from pages of other writers."

John Wesley said of Bengel,
"I know of no commentator on the Bible equal to Bengel" and referred to him as "The great light of the Christian world."

Bengel was a Lutheren and held a Pre-Millennial (Chiliastic) eschatology.

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