• Exposition of the Old and New Testaments, Gill

Exposition of the Old and New Testaments, Gill

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Exposition of the Old and New Testaments
Complete in Nine Volumes

John Gill


John Gill was a Baptist preacher and theologian who held strong Calvinistic beliefs. He was the first major writing Baptist minister, his works retaining influence into the 21st century. Standing against the rationalism of his Day, Gill stood for the literal interpretation of the Scriptures as the sole object of faith.

During his ministry Gill wrote a massive Exposition on the Scriptures that is one of the largest single person commentaries yet today. It spanned 7400 pages in nine oversized volumes, but that actually understates its size. If the print was normal size for today and each volume around 500 pages, that would equal around 23 volumes!

Not only is Gill's commentary large, it is thorough. Gill was a life-long Hebrew scholar, and he also learned Greek by age 11, thus he was well equipped to undertake such a task. Charles Spurgeon said he was the best commentator of the Old Testament.

Speaking of Spurgeon, The Baptist church pastored by Gill was later pastored by Benjamin Keach and would even later become the New Park Street Chapel and then the Metropolitan Tabernacle pastored by Spurgeon. Also, during Gill's ministry the church strongly supported the preaching of George Whitefield at nearby Kennington Common.

In this newly updated Bible Analyzer module,

  • The text and references have been updated or reformated,
  • Any Hebrew and Greek text is now fully Unicode,
  • Any chapter and book comments are designated as such.
  • And, of course, as all commentaries, it is indexed by Bible Analyzer's Reference Index feature so any reference anywhere can be found instantly.

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