• E. W. Bullinger Collection

E. W. Bullinger Collection

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E. W. Bullinger Collection

Eight Essential Volumes


  • Great Cloud of Witnesses of Hebrews Chapter Eleven
    This is Bullinger's masterful work on Hebrews Chapter 11, the great Faith chapter. He goes through every verse in detail expounding on the great faith of the saints. As Warran Weirsbe said, "this book touches life and makes living by faith an exciting and practical experience."

  • How To Enjoy The Bible
    As Bullinger said in the Introduction, "Thus is it asserted that the WORD and the WORDS of Jehovah constitute the food of the New nature," this book describes his method of studying and thus enjoying the Scriptures.

  • The Apocalypse or "The Day of the Lord"
    This is Bullinger's commentary on Revelation where he insists Revelation does not deal with the Church but with Israel.

  • The Witness of the Stars
    Still a difinitive work on the relationship od the stars and constellation with concepts found in the Scriptures. Includes around 50 images!.

  • Word Studies on the Holy Spirit
    Bullinger's work on Pneumatology:" as describing a study of all the passages which refer to pneuma, or spirit. He expounds on every passage that deals with the Holy Spirit. Another timeless classic.

Bonus Books

  • Companion Bible Appendices
    We revised the Appendices that are part of our Companion Bible Bundle to Book format for easy browsing. This module as well contains all the images and an index.

  • Figures of Speech Used in the Bible
    This book, which we just recently introduced, is also included. It is still the best book on the subject.

  • Number in Scripture
    We have offered this interesting book for a while, but it is still just as valuable. It deals with various numbers as found in the Scriptures.

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