• Commentary on the Old and New Testaments, Sutcliffe

Commentary on the Old and New Testaments, Sutcliffe

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Commentary on the Old and New Testaments
Rev. Joseph Sutcliffe


Joseph Sutcliffe (1762–1856) was a Methodist evangelist and contemporary of John Wesley. Wesley appointed him to the Redruth Circuit in 1786, and he was one of the preachers present at the Bristol conference in 1790. He authored over 30 works, and was also a Bible scholar.

Charles Spurgeon said of his commentary,

"To comprise the whole Bible in one volume necessitated notes few and brief. Sutcliffe, though an Arminian, is in general so good that we wish we had more of him ; his style is vivacious and forcible."

Frank Baker of Asbury's Journals noted,

"It is amazing to realize that within a generation four massive commentaries on the whole Bible were published by British Methodists: Thomas Coke, six volumes, 1801-09; Adam Clarke, eight volumes, 1810-26; Joseph Benson, five volumes, 1811-18; Joseph Sutcliffe, two volumes, 1834-39."

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