• Commentary on the New Testament, Lenski

Commentary on the New Testament, Lenski

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Commentary on the New Testament
Richard Charles Henry Lenski

Richard Charles Henry Lenski was born in 1864 in Greifenberg, Prussia, Germany. He came to America in 1873. He received his education at Capital University in the Theology Department of Columbus, Ohio. Lenski was ordained in 1887 at the Evangelical Lutheran Joint Synod in Ohio. He was a pastor successively in Baltimore, Maryland; Trenton, Springfield, and Anna, Ohio, till 1911.

Though he passed away in 1936, Lenski is highly regarded for his high view of Scripture and keen understanding of the New Testament Greek. Modern commentators still look to Lenski and quote him often. As another said,

"Lenski’s ability to connect and explain Greek and English seems effortless. He has a gift for bringing the English reader into the world of the Greek, making Scripture understandable for all. He also displays an awareness of what pertains to the world and what pertains to the spirit. He smartly guides you when the two collide, a rare but highly valuable benefit in a Bible commentary."

Warren Wiersbe said,

"My favorite New Testament commentary is that of R.C.H. Lenski...I profit greatly from his sane and spiritually sensitive exposition. You do not have to be a Greek scholar to benefit from Lenski.”

Our Bible Analyzer edition of Lenski's NT commentary is complete except for the comments on Revelation. Those are under copyright restrictions. (Lenski's Eschatology was Amillennial so his treatment of Revelation would be largely metaphorical anyway.)

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