• An Interpretation of the English Bible, Carroll

An Interpretation of the English Bible, Carroll

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An Interpretation of the English Bible
17 Volumes

B. H. Carroll

Benajah Harvey Carroll was a notable Southern Baptist minister, pastor, teacher, and author. His most widespread work is An Interpretation of the English Bible, which he insisted was not so much a commentary but an interpretation. It does not deal with the Scriptures on a strictly verse-by-verse basis, but instead as sections for more convenient classroom or personal study. In Bible Analyzer it is a commentary title.

From the Preface:

At the time of its publication this set was acclaimed to constitute "the greatest commentary on the English Bible ever published" (Baptist and Reflector). It remains to this day a reliable guide to a thorough understanding of the Scriptures.

This is an excellent set for the preacher who aspires to be true to the Word and who wishes to enrich his preaching ministry. It is an invaluable aid for the teacher who seeks to guide his class to a deeper knowledge and appreciation of God's Revelation to us. It is an ideal set for any student of the Bible who desires to hear what God has to say to him.

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