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Alfred Edersheim Collection

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Alfred Edersheim was born at Vienna, March. 7, 1825 of Jewish parentage, and received his earliest education in a college preparatory school of his native city and in the Talmud Torah attached to a Viennese synagogue. In 1841 he continued his studies at the University of Vienna, but left it before taking his degree on account of the financial reverses of his father. Going to Pesth as a teacher of languages, he came under the influence of John Duncan, a Scotch Presbyterian chaplain and was converted to Christianity. In 1846 he was ordained to the ministry of the Presbyterian Church. He was a missionary for a year to the Jews at Jassy, Romania. In 1849, he was installed at the Free Church, Old Aberdeen.

Dr. Edersheim was said to be "gentle and amiable in disposition, bright and humorous in conversation, genial in manner, a ready and fluent writer, and effective preacher; possessed of a poetical imagination, which was apt to give a rhetorical redundance to his style; in literary and theological questions conservative, but tolerant."

Edersheim's most notable works deal with the history of the Jewish people. We have three of these titles available as a Bible Analyzer Book Bundle,

    Bible History: Old Testament

    Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah

    Sketches of Jewish Social Life

These titles contain a wealth of information about life in Bible times, and contain all the footnotes inline for convenient viewing.