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Alford's Greek Testament, Alford

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Alford's Greek Testament
An Exegetical and Critical Commentary
Four Volumes

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by Henry Alford


Henry Alford, D.D., Dean of Canterbury, one of the most variously-accomplished churchmen of his day - poet, preacher, painter, musician, biblical scholar, critic, and philologist -- was born at 25 Alfred Place, Bedford Row, London, October 7th, 1810 (died 1871).

His chief fame rests on his monumental edition of the New Testament in Greek (4 vols.), which occupied him from 1841 to 1861. In this work he first produced a careful collation of the readings of the chief manuscripts and the researches of the ripest continental scholarship of his day. Philological rather than theological in character, it marked an epochal change from the old homiletic commentary, and though more recent research, patristic and papyral, has largely changed the method of New Testament exegesis, Alford's work is still a quarry where the student can dig with a good deal of profit and ranks among the most important and authoritative works on the Greek text of the New Testament.

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