Adams Synchronological Chart

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Adams Synchronological Chart of History

Adams Synchronological Chart of History is truly a monumental work. It was originally published as the Chronological Chart of Ancient, Modern and Biblical History and is a synchronological wallchart and timeline ("timechart") that graphically depicts the history of mankind from 4004 BC to modern times (1881). What is special about this history chart is it is based on the Bible thus a chronological history of the Bible is presented that eventually merges with secular history. It is essentially the last world history chart to treat the Bible as true history.

The original version was hand drawn by Presbyterian missionary Sebastian C. Adams and published in 1871. The version we offer is the updated 1881 edition. The amount of data in this chart is amazing. It could be studied for weeks. It shows the timelines of nearly all the major characters of the Old Testament and where they fit in secular history, plus the reigns of the Hebrew kings, times of the Hebrew prophets, and lifetimes of many "church fathers." There is a huge amount of relevant text intertwined with the numerous images and timelines and it is all fully readable.

Here is a small section of the period between 2400 BC and 2500 BC showing timeline, text, and an image in actual size,



The chart has vertical columns representing each 10 year period plus bolder lines for each 100 years. One can easily find a time period and scan vertically to see both biblical and secular events.

This hand-drawn, full color chart was originally presented as a massive fold-out chart that is 23 feet long and 26 inches high! It is still available as a full-size reprint here. However, we now offer the full-sized chart in digital format for our Bible Analyzer software.

Since this chart is so large we divided it into manageable 1000 year leafs or sections totaling 7 sections. Plus there is a reduced size image of the whole chart (which is still very large) that identifies each section.

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