• Walking With God / A Treasury of Hymns

Walking With God / A Treasury of Hymns

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Walking With God / A Treasury of Hymns

Martin Manser, editor


Martin manser, the editor of our very popular Dictionary of Bible Themes, has recently produced two new titles. One is a devotional written by himself and a fellow believer, Mike Beaumont called Walking With God. It is an insightful 365 day devotional for the Bible Analyzer Devotional Viewer and your ebook reader.

The other title is a collection of hymn lyrics Martin got the idea to produce while traveling. He took dozens of classic hymns, arranged them into sections, and put them together in a special order. Now when he travels he can read these encouraging hymns (from authors like Wesley, Crosby, etc.) in a devotional manner in his ebook reader. Now you can do so as well in Bible Analyzer as a Book module and your ebook reader. Martin titled this work A Treasury of Hymns.

Martin has allowed us to offer both books as a bundle, plus include ePub and Kindle eBook files of each title! You also can read them on Bible Analyzer and your favorite eBook reader.

Manser Devotional - 2 Titles plus ebooks $9.99