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Things Hard To Be Understood, Cloud

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Things Hard To Be Understood
A Handbook of Bible Difficulties
David Cloud


This is a very practical volume that deals with a variety of biblical difficulties. In it you can find find the answer to many seeming contradictions in the Bible and answer the challenge of false teachers who misuse biblical passages to "prove" their doctrine. 

Find out the meaning of difficult passages that are oftentimes overlooked in the Bible commentaries. Be confirmed in your confidence in the inerrancy and perfection of the Scriptures. Learn the meaning of difficult expressions such as “the unpardonable sin.” 

This book is unlike nearly every other book on Bible difficulties or "contradictions" in that it does not dismiss the difficulties as "copiest errors" or mistranslation and contains no criticism of the King James Bible. It actually deals with the problem passages in a concise manner and supplies an answer consistant with Scriptural thought.

It is unfortunate that most of the other available works on Bible discrepancies do not always approach the Scriptures in a believing manner, but often in a doubting or critical manner. For instance, most critics claim the discrepancy of Ahaziah's age between and is a copiests error in the Hebrew text. Brother Cloud, however, deals with the texts as they stand and supplies two possible solutions that do not require on to doubt the Bible.

(In this book) we deal with things such as the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, cremation, hair coverings, the first shall be last, did Jesus die on Friday, God forbid, God’s repentance, healing in the atonement, judging, the letter of the law, Melchizedek, self defense, sinless perfectionism, soul sleep, and the Trinity. Jerry Huffman, editor of Calvary Contender, testified: “You don’t have to agree with everything to greatly benefit from this helpful book.”
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