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The Exhaustive Bible Digest

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The Exhaustive Bible Digest

A Cyclopedic, Thematic, and Topical Digest of the Holy Bible

A Bible Analyzer Exclusive!

Sometime in 2023 I was doing some research and stumbled upon a Bible study gem at Archive.com. It was called The Cross-Reference Digest of Bible References, and it contained a wealth of topical and thematic Bible material in a cyclopedic format. I checked online to see if this title had ever been converted into a usable format for use in Bible software and could not find it anywhere. All that was available were images of the pages that had pretty small print.

After looking it over some more I decided this title needs to be made available in a textual format that can be utilized by the digital devices of our day and undertook to do so. (If I had fully realized how much work this would be I would have likely reconsidered).

I ran all the pages through my OCR program but because of the small print it produced a considerable amount of errors. Over a few weeks I began checking each converted page against the page image correcting many errors. Seeing this would take too long to complete, I wrote 3 or 4 Python scripts to analyze the text in various ways to deal with even more errors. But still the text had to be manually checked. I think I went through the entire book FOUR times fixing various errors (mostly Bible refs), and when I would compare against the printed page quite often I found that it had errors as well (usually references to verses that don't exist.)

The Digest is still not error free, but it is very usable and, in many ways, more accurate and accessible than the original printed edition.

With nearly 117,000 Bible references found under 7,100 topics detailing names, places, things, concepts, events, and doctrines of the Bible, The Exhaustive Bible Digest is an essential resource every Bible reader should have.

The Jesus Digest

An Exhaustive Digest of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ

The Bible Digest has the most complete topical, doctrinal, and thematic index of the life, words, and work of Jesus Christ I have ever seen. Every doctrine, concept, teaching, and event of the Lord is categorized for easy access. This section is very valuable in the book, but with Bible Analyzer and its reference indexing features it is much more accessible. (In the printed book just this section on Christ is around 50 pages long!)

The section of the Jesus Digest on the teachings of Christ is valuable beyond measure. It lists every reference to every conceivable teaching our Lord made. For instance, here is a list from the scores of topics,

  • Access to God
  • Accusation, False
  • Adultery
  • Affection
  • Affliction
  • Alms
  • Ambition
  • Amusements
  • Angels
  • Anger
  • Antichrist
  • Apostolic authority
  • Apostolic duties
  • etc.

Because of the inherent value of the Jesus Digest, in addition to its inclusion in the Bible Digest (a BA Dictionary) we have also made of BA Book title from it with seven chapters. You can easily find the Jesus Digest in TWO places in Bible Analyzer?

From the Cross Reference Digest Preface

The Cross Reference Digest of Bible References is the result of an effort to bring the topical analyses found in. the Cross Reference Bible within the reach of the masses.

The Cross Reference Bible is recognized by all to be the greatest edition of the Bible ever published, being the only edition of the Bible in which the footnotes are the work of a large corps of America's best Bible scholars. The Cross Reference Digest contains all the topical analyses or footnotes of the Cross Reference Bible....

All the work in this volume is original work and great care has been taken to make it both accurate and helpful. With the earnest desire that this volume may render material service in opening up the treasuries of God's Holy Word it is sent forth on its mission.

This month we are releasing the only digital edition of The Cross-Reference Digest of Bible References in existence under the name The Exhaustive Bible Digest and it is a Bible Analyzer exclusive.