• The Essential Truths of Christianity

The Essential Truths of Christianity

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The Essential Truths of Christianity
Martin Manser, Editor


This resource, from Creative4 International, was edited by Martin Manser, who also edited our very popular Dictionary of Bible Themes. The purpose of the book is to put the essential truths of the Bible in small, manageable studies. The author's purpose is stated in the introduction,

...These sixty studies are deceptively short, simple, and clear. Each one can be read quickly, but if you really delve into them – checking the Scriptures, working through the Bible studies, thinking through the reflection questions – you will find a rich study resource.

There are six studies each on ten essential areas of Christian teaching: the Bible, God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, humanity, God’s messengers, salvation, the Christian, the church, and the last things.

You can use this for personal Bible study or for group study. If one section is studied each week, all of this material will be covered in just over a year.

Like last month's The Bible Book By Book, the text is not dry and "scholarly" but down-to-earth and engaging. This is an excellent resource for group or personal study.

Ebook Bonus!

In addition to the enhanced Bible Analyzer Book module, purchasers of the resource will also get it as an epub ebook also! That way the book can be read on phones and tablets as well as desktop/notebook computers.

Both the Bible Analyzer and ePub edition will be provided in the download. (The ebook will be installed in your Documents folder)

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