• The Bible Book By Book, Manser

The Bible Book By Book, Manser

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The Bible Book By Book

An Overview of Every Book of the Bible

Martin H. Manser, editor

Copyright 2011

This resource was edited by Martin Manser, who also edited our very popular Dictionary of Bible Themes. The purpose of the book is stated in its introduction,

The Bible Book by Book provides an overview of the essentials of each book of the Bible. Sometimes we can be so immersed in the details of a particular verse that we do not realize the purpose and importance of each Bible book. Here you can get the big view through each book's summary, outline, key teachings, and its relevance for today.

The Bible Analyzer Book module contains many modern maps, charts, tables, and photos to help detail the emphasis of each Bible book along with specific sections that deal with related matters such as the Tabernacle/Temple, Animal Sacrifices, Festivals and Feasts, etc. The text is not dry and "scholarly" but down-to-earth and engaging.

The Bible Book By Book was published in 2011.

Ebook Bonus!

The publishers have allowed us to provide a special bonus to Bible Analyzer users. In addition to the enhanced Bible Analyzer Book module, purchasers of the resource will also get it as an epub ebook also! That way the book can be read on phones and tablets as well as desktop/notebook computers.

Both the Bible Analyzer and ePub edition will be provided in the download. (The ebook will be installed in your Documents folder)

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