• Spurgeon Book Collection

Spurgeon Book Collection

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Spurgeon Book Collection, 12 Vol.

C. H. Spurgeon

We also have compiled twelve of Spurgeons best books into another Bible Analyzer Book Group. The titles include,


  • Advice To Seekers
  • An All-Round Ministry
  • The Golden Alphabet
  • Faith's Checkbook
  • Till He Come
  • Comments & Commentaries
  • All of Grace
  • John Ploughman Talks
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Words of Warning
  • Words of Cheer
  • Around The Wicket Gate

These books reveal much of the manner and zeal of Spurgeon to reach the lost and educate the saved. His John Ploughman Talks are pithy and even entertaining. Consider this quote,

"WHEN a man has a particularly empty head, he generally sets up for a great judge, especially in religion. None is so wise as the man who knows nothing. His ignorance is the mother of his impudence and the nurse of his obstinacy; and though he does not know a bee from a bull's foot, he settles matters as if all wisdom were at his fingers' ends-the Pope himself is not more infallible..."

Nearly all his books are still in print more than a century after his death.

You can get all twelve timeless volumes in digital format for Bible Analyzer for only $5. That's less that 50 cents each. Plus we will include Faith's Checkbook as a Devotion Module as well as a Book module!

Spurgeon Books Bundle
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