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Portrait of Christ, Cloud

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The Tabernacle, the Priesthood, and the Offerings
David W. Cloud


This recent book (2014) is an extensive study on the Old Testament tabernacle and its priestly system, which has been called:

"God's masterpiece of typology."

 Whereas the record of the creation of the universe takes up two chapters of the Bible and the fall of man takes up one chapter, the tabernacle, with its priesthood and offerings, takes up 50 Bible chapters. It is obvious that God has many important lessons for us in this portion of His Word.

EVERYTHING ABOUT THE TABERNACLE POINTS TO JESUS CHRIST: The laver, the colors, the design, the offerings, the materials, the high priest, the candlestick, the incense altar, the sacrificial altar, the tabernacle gate, the door into the court, the table of shewbread, the ark of the covenant, the court walls and pillars, the veil before the holy of holies, the tabernacle tent itself with its boards and curtains and silver sockets. All is Christ.

The tabernacle system offers brilliant, unforgettable lessons on Christ's person, offices and work:

* HIS kingdom
* HIS anointing
* HIS atonement
* HIS eternal Sonship
* HIS sinless manhood
* HIS resurrection glory
* HIS eternal high priesthood and intercession
* HIS work as the life and sustainer and light of creation

In addition to the studies on every aspect of the tabernacle,
A Portrait of Christ features studies on:

* the high priest
* the Levitical priests
* the five offerings of Leviticus
* the day of atonement
* the ransom money
* the red heifer
* the cherubims
* strange fire
* the golden calf
* leprosy
* the Nazarite vow
* the pillar of cloud and pillar of fire
* and the transportation of the tabernacle through the wilderness.

The tabernacle is very practical in its teaching, as it also depicts believer priests carrying Christ through this world. Like the Israelites in the wilderness, believers today are on a pilgrimage through a foreign land on the way to our eternal home. ().

Not available for any other Bible software, A Portrait of Christ, is an excellent resource. It includes 78 chapters plus 14 illustrations.

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