• Louis Albert Banks Bundle

Louis Albert Banks Bundle

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Louis Albert Banks Bundle

Five "Great" Volumes, Plus Bonus

Louis Albert Banks was born in Oregon in 1855 (died 1933) from parents who traveled there on the Oregon Trail. Educated in Oregon and later "Eastern" schools, he eventually became pastor of some of the leading Methodist Episcopal churches in this country. He was one of the leading proponents of alcohol prohibition in the 1910s and his sermons were "read by more people than the sermons of any other American clergyman since the death of Talmage." 

Banks was a prolific author having written more than 70 books. Some of his most well received titles were called the "Great Things of the Bible" series. These titles include,

  •     The Great Portraits of the Bible
  •     The Great Promises of the Bible
  •     The Great Saints of the Bible
  •     The Great Sinners of the Bible
  •     The Great Themes of the Bible

Each title contains around 30 chapters dealing with the subject at hand.

As a bonus title the bundle also includes Bank's compilation of

  •     Spurgeon's Illustrative Anecdotes

This title includes hundreds of Spurgeon's short illustrations used in his sermons and writings. Here is an example of one dealing with judgment,

Judgment Warped by Personal Considerations.— We have heard, I dare say, the story of the lawyer who was waited upon by a farmer, to ask him what would be the penalty for a man whose horse was always getting into his neighbor's field and eating his corn, whether it would be heavy; he had warned him several times, and he always would do it, and it was his fence, and he ought to have mended it. The lawyer said of course there would be a considerable fine, no doubt, and so on. "Well,” said he, “sir, it is your horse that has done this.” “ Oh! ” said our friend, the solicitor, “ that is quite a different question; I did not know it was my horse before I gave my opinion.” So it is, generally, with regard to anything that is done amiss, if it hurts you, or if it hurts me, we always feel very indignant about it, but if it only offends the Majesty of heaven we make light of it.

At this time this Banks Bundle is not available for any other Bible software. We recently developed these titles for Bible Analyzer using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on scanned images of the printed books.