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Hours with the Bible, Geikie

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Hours with the Bible
6 Volumes

John Cunningham Geikie

John Cunningham Geikie was a Scottish-born Presbyterian minister and popular author. His most ambitious work, Hours With The Bible, is a six-volume, 3,000-page, reference work which covers much of the Old Testament, including the Patriarchs, Judges, Kings, and Prophets. The pages delve deep into the lives of key characters of the Bible, and his writing flows in a narrative style that is inspiring and easy to read.

Geikie was a contemporary of Charles Spurgeon, who described him as "one of the best religious writers of the age," and F.B. Meyer recommended Hours with the Bible as invaluable.

This Bible Analyzer edition of Geikie's work includes all of the images found in the printed edition plus his many footnotes are inline with the text.

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