• Biblical And Theological Dictionary, Watson

Biblical And Theological Dictionary, Watson

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Biblical And Theological Dictionary
Five Volumes
Richard Watson

Richard Watson (1781–1833) was a British Methodist theologian and missionary advocate. Considered one of nineteenth-century Methodism's most important figures, Watson was a prolific writer and preacher. He was the first to attempt to systematize John Wesley's theology and Methodist doctrine.

Watson rejected the German rationalism and affirmed the full authority and inerrancy of Scripture. He held that it was legitimate to use reason in sorting out textual variants and in interpreting the meaning of the text, but once the text was established and understood - revelation takes priority over reason. Regarding the assurance of personal salvation, Watson embraces the doctrine of the direct witness of the Spirit.

Watson's Biblical And Theological Dictionary was the standard biblical and theological dictionary for almost a century. Even now, this classic Bible dictionary finds extensive use and citation in modern systematic theologies and biblical reference works, if not in historical studies. The Biblical and Theological Dictionary compiles references and explanations of biblical characters and places from the best modern and ancient sources.

We have all five volumes of this valuable dictionary available for Bible Analyzer. It includes over 1600 topics, cross-topic links, and thousands of Scripture references.

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