A. W. Tozer Collection

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A. W. Tozer Collection
Nine Of His Best Books

Aiden Wilson Tozer (1897 – 1963) was an pastor, preacher, author, magazine editor, and spiritual mentor. While he lived his manner and life was an inspiration to many, but his books continue to inspire to this day.

Born into poverty, Tozer was self-educated and taught himself what he missed in high school and college. His forte was his prayer life which often found him walking the aisles of a sanctuary or lying face down on the floor. He noted, "As a man prays, so is he." To him the worship of God was paramount in his life and ministry. "His preaching as well as his writings were but extensions of his prayer life," comments Tozer biographer James L. Snyder. An earlier biographer noted, "He spent more time on his knees than at his desk."

While at his desk Tozer wrote several valuable books endeavoring to get his readers to become closer to their Lord. Two of his most notable works, The Pursuit of God and The Knowledge of the Holy, are classics.

We have compiled nine of Tozer's books for Bible Analyzer:

Christ The Eternal Son
Jesus Is Victor
Jesus, Author of Our Faith
Jesus, Our Man In Glory
Knowledge Of The Holy
Man: The Dwelling Place of God
That Incredible Christian
The Pursuit of God
The Root of the Righteous

These titles will bless any believer who reads them. Get all nine as a Bible Analyzer Book Group for only $3.

A. W. Tozer Collection
Only $3