• 500 Selected Sermons, Talmage

500 Selected Sermons, Talmage

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T. De Witt Talmage was one of the most notable orators of his time. He was often compared with Whitfield and Spurgeon in his style, tone, and pattern of speaking. Spurgeon said of him,

"Mr. Talmage's discourses lay hold of my inmost soul. The Lord is with this mighty man of valor..."

And as another reviewer said,

"There is about Talmage a vehemence, an urgency, an earnestness which sometimes carries him away as in a kind of wild whirlwind. He has immense command of words and great fluency of speech..."

Talmage's messages are very easy to read and "down to earth." For the most part they are not doctrinal but practical, and even though they were first preached in the 19th century, they also have great application today. They are organized by Bible book for easy reference as a Bible Analyzer Book module.

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