• 1000 New Bible Readings

1000 New Bible Readings

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For The Help Of Students And Workers


Frederick Edward Marsh (1858-1931) was a an avid student of the Word of God, and a prolific author. He had a keen ability to organize biblical subjects and topics into concise and pithy lists and outlines. A member of the Advent Testimony Movement, Marsh devoted his entire life to a teaching ministry of the Bible.

His work 1000 New Bible Readings is a wealth of well thought out study readings and outlines suitable for sermon starters, Sunday School lessons, and just general browsing or daily reading. Here is a random example,

259. “Crucified to the World” Gal 6:14

  • 1. Crucified to its “sin” (Rom 6:6).
  • 2. Crucified to its “wisdom” (1Cor 1:20).
  • 3. Crucified to its “friendship” (James 4:4).
  • 4. Crucified to its “things” (1John 2:15-17).
  • 5. Crucified to the “pollutions” of the world (2Pet 2:20).
  • 6. Crucified to the “elements” of the world (Gal 4:3, 4:9; Col 2:8).
  • 7. Crucified to the “course” of the world (Eph 2:2).
  • 8. Crucified to the contaminations of the world (James 1:27).
  • 9. Crucified to the “corruption” of the world (2Pet 1:4).
  • 10. Crucified to the “care” of the world (1Cor 7:32-34).
  • 11. Crucified to the “filth” of the world (1Cor 4:13).
  • 12. Crucified to the “spirit” of the world (1Cor 2:12).

There are 999 other similar readings that concisely encapsulate essential truths. Consider how the study of the 12 points above open up how a believers destiny is contrary to the world. This title will be of great benefit to any believer.

Bonus Title

A few years before Marsh compiled his readings he put together another work titled The Greatest Theme in the World. This comprehensive resource deals with the atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ. In this day and age where the atonement and redemption of Christ is attacked and minimized, this title is needed more than ever. Here is a list of the chapters,

  • Title & Preface
  • Comprehensiveness Of Christ's Atonement
  • The Meaning Of Christ's Atonement
  • The Scriptures And Christ's Atonement
  • God And Christ's Atonement
  • Sin And Christ's Atonement
  • Christ And His Atonement
  • The Holy Spirit And Christ's Atonement
  • Satan And Christ's Atonement
  • Holiness And Christ's Atonement
  • Service And Christ's Atonement
  • The Glory And Christ's Atonement

The 1000 Readings title is formatted as a Bible Analyzer Dictionary and the Greatest Theme work as a Bible Analyzer Book.