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VereClick for HTML files

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I use a free tool called VeresClick (, all you have to do is place it in the heading line of the code and it will then do pop-up windows of the text in KJV. It is designed to work off of a server, but works really well with local files viewed in a browser as long as you have internet access. I have a nice collection of e-books in PDF and HTML format; I modified the HTML based ones and now they all have this feature. Plus if you do not have access to the Internet, it does not effect the reading of the document.

I just thought I would share!

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Re: VereClick for HTML files

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We have our own tool to do this called PopVerse, ... hmnodlkfik

It is a self-contained Chrome extension that includes the KJB and makes links of Bible references on ANY web page without having put a server link in the file. It even works offline (when the option is selected in Chrome's Manage Extensions page). An internet connection is not required.
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