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Scripture Pad Request

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Hi Tim,
I know we have discussed this in the past, but I want to raise it again as we're approaching time for the next round of features for BA.

I would LOVE to have S-Pad re-written so it:
1. Uses a different data format, such as RTF or HTML. This would allow much easier data sharing between different applications. I use BA for my Linux platform, but I use MySword for my tablet. I would like to easily share data between the two programs. Both RTF and HTML work on both Linux and Windows, and if my initial search was correct they work on MacOS also (?).

2. Allows for easily creating other modules. The Notes feature on commentaries works nicely for generating commentaries. But currently it is VERY painful to create either books or dictionary modules. Currently if you want to create a multi-chapter book with S-Pad - well, you cannot without creating multiple single-chapter books, exporting them and putting it all together using another program. And then there is no way to bring it back for further updating!

Please re-consider your initial response and consider re-writing S-Pad. Thanks for listening.


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