Continuous View in Bible panel

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Continuous View in Bible panel

Post by doughead »

I would like to see a button at the top of the Bible panel allowing you to view an entire book of the bible at once, with continuous scroll. There should be chapter headings of course. Often, while doing a bible study, the section of scripture I want to focus on overlaps two chapters, and occasionally three, and I'm constantly having to go back and forth between the two chapters. A continuous scroll feature would help greatly. Thanks.

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Re: Continuous View in Bible panel

Post by Tim »

Continuous scrolling would be difficult to implement the way Bible Analyzer is presently coded. It would break many of the interactive features. But it would be fairly easy to code the ability to open another window (or MultiWindow) and display a whole book of text. We will look into this for the future.

For now, probably the best way to see multiple chapters is to export the ones of interest to the MultiWindow. There they can be accessed easily and even saved. See this video,
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