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Re: Can't Quit

Post by lkw »

I've seen this in previous versions on macOS, as well as the current version. I was hoping it would be fixed in current version, but it is still occurring almost anytime I use BA for any amount of time.

I'm currently running Catalina 10.15.1. The version of BA is reported as by macOS (but in the 'About' popup) - so I'm not sure exactly what version BA for macOS is at. (Downloaded 18 Dec 2019).

I have not been able to determine what set of actions results in it getting into this state, but it requires force quitting in order to exit the application.

(Also, the check for update command indicates that is available, which is apparently not the case for macOS ... it just triggers the download of a Windows exe file).

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Re: Can't Quit

Post by Tim »

Does Bible Analyzer freeze or lock up and you have to force quit or does it work normally but you just can't close it?

These kinds of issues can be hard to trace down.

You have v.17. It is the latest on Mac.

Yes, the update file is for Windows.
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Re: Can't Quit

Post by Eric »

I have Mac version installed. When I do "Help > Check for Update", it says there is a new version and calls it I clicked "Yes", and it started to download a Windows .exe file, so I cancelled the download.
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Re: Can't Quit

Post by Eric »

I was able to manually download the version for Mac and install it. All's well right now. Haven't had time to see if there are any problems.

BTW, I've also seen quitting issues with BA for Mac. Sometimes after successfully quitting it would say that it had crashed and asked if I wanted to send a notice to Apple. Sometimes it hung and I could not quit it. But I never was able to figure out what triggered the different scenarios. I'll try to watch now with v. for Mac and see if it still happens.

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Re: Can't Quit

Post by SamGribley »

I am running an M1 Mac Mini with the latest macOS 11.3.1 and Bible Analyzer Just got it. I have trouble quitting the app as well. I usually use the Force Quit option. However, even on those occasions when Bible Analyzer DOES quit as it should, I get the big alert on my screen telling me that Bible Analyzer quit suddenly (displays all the technical details of the state of the thing when it "abruptly" stopped working). I have that problem quite often, more times (upon quitting) than not.

This bomb is also what is happening when I try to download the Verse Timing Data for KJV Audio. It never gets installed, and I have tried doing so about 30 times tonight. I paid $5.00 for it. Bought some Scourby and downloaded 4 other listed KJV audio MP3 files, and I always have "1 Premium module to be downloaded." I get as far as being told to press OKAY to install the module, but that's where it constantly bombs, resulting in the same big alert on my screen that shows up usually after I try to quit the app. Very frustrating, to say the least. I'm new to the app and the User's Forum. Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround?

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