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Bible Module Suggestion

Post by novar »

I would like to see if it is possible to get a module of the Complete Word Study Bible by AMG Publishers.
What do you think?
Thanks Robert

Also, I would like Tim Morton to bring back the Original Companion Bible by Bullinger... I liked studying the KJV text next to the structures. Even if not links are provided it is still a bible study resource!!!

Thanks for any help on this.

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Re: Bible Module Suggestion

Post by epement »

When you say, "bring back the Original Companion Bible by Bullinger... I liked studying the KJV text next to the structures", can you explain how the Structures would be shown in Bible Analyzer?

I have used the Companion Bible for over 40 years (Zondervan reprint edition), and the Structures are distributed in three locations: (1) in separate sections before each book begins, (2) in the far left margins on each page (outside of the text box), and (3) in separate sections inside the text box on the right side of each page, above the verse cross references.

For example, see the structures shown in 1 Cor 2:6-16, on the right said of the page, which contain 10 levels of indentation, with curly braces { ... } around several levels at the same time. This is perfectly suited for a hard-copy book whose page margins and layout never can change, but it is very different and difficult for a software tool which has dynamic, resizable width and height.

And then notice that the Structures also appear in normal, italic, oblique, and superscript format on the left side of the same page, and due to layout restrictions and time constraints, those structures often appear in the left margin without any mention of them in the right-side text notes. Trying to import these into Bible Analyzer would be a difficult task requiring a lot of manual effort. (Er, I think.)
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Re: Bible Module Suggestion

Post by Tim »

The text of the Companion Bible structures (without indentation) can be found under the book topics as seen in the image below.

cb-struct.png (36.76 KiB) Viewed 886 times
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Re: Bible Module Suggestion

Post by kathleenmarie »

Thank you SOOO much for showing us that!!!!

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