Feature Suggestion: Custom Daily Bible Reading

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Feature Suggestion: Custom Daily Bible Reading

Post by bigb2k »

Once a year our church reads the entire new Testament in 1 month. I was wondering if I could make a custom module to accomplish this? Either:
set a time period for x number of books, OR
using the same method as the Devotions module creator where it is a Month[tab] Day[tab] and verse for that day.

The second method in my suggestion would probably work as-is, but I was just wondering if in a future release we could customize the reading schedule.

Thank you Tim!

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Re: Feature Suggestion: Custom Daily Bible Reading

Post by Tim »

You can make your own reading schedule by following the format of the existing .pln files. Here is an example of the NT 90 day plan,

New Testament in Canonical/Book Order - 90 Days
Matthew 1-3
Matthew 4-6
Matthew 7-9
Matthew 10-12

Put the plan title on the first line and then the chapter range for each day on separate lines. You should have 31 lines counting the title line with a 30 day month. Then save the file with a .pln extension under the Bible Analyzer modules folder and it will load it on next start.
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